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Sai Ying Pun Community Complex, Hong Kong
Headless patients wandering
through ruined
and empty corridors
looking for a canned miracle
to bring them back to life.

Gaggles of ghost hunters come
looking for the secret recipe
to lay to rest
the restless spirits
haunting the Sai Ying Pun Community Complex,
but only one
was able to decipher
the miraculous canned meat product
that would
send the spirits of dead
into one of the eighteen layers of Diyu.

Only cans of spam
when wielded
by the mighty and infamous
George A. Hormel Sr. can dispel
or interrupt the fun
of the ghosts haunting Sai Ying Pun
and consign them to the eighteenth
subbasement of hell.

on the fourth day
of his seven day ghost hunting gig
Ghost Hunter George A. Hormel Sr.
spoke the words
that would evict the ghost
of the Community Complex in Hong Kong:
" Wham! Bam!
Cans of spam!
Thank you Ma'am
or Sir,
whatever your ghostly gender,
for leaving these ancient ruins
and returning to Diyu."

Line Count: 39
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