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The Ghost of Frederici.in The Princess Theatre, Australia
Frederici wasn't the Thunder from Down Under.
He wasn't an ordinary sexy Australian bloke,
though I suspect
his baritone voice stocked
the ladies passions when he sang.

his final operatic aria
echoes down the ages in the pages
of ghost hunting folklore.

'Tis said that Fred,
almost achieved an opera singers dream
of dying on stage,
he expired beneath the stage
of the Princess Theatre in Melbourne, Australia
when a trapdoor opened under his feet.

on opening night
a empty seat was left for Frederici
until Ghost Hunt Hormel
came to Australia.

Hormel entered the Princess Theatre and,
ignoring the ushers plea that he take another seat,
he took Frederici assigned position
in the audience.

Hormel broke
the Ghost Hunters Prime Directive
(which states:
"DO NOT piss off the ghost you're hunting.")

Frederici baritone rose
from beneath the stage pushing up
steaming ectoplasm and spamuccini
that flowed onto and then off the stage
covering everyone in the theater
before they could flee.

Line Count: 34

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