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Dear body and enemy of women:

When we crawl we are carefree and enjoying all that life offers. Our happiness is over flowing and we are in high spirits. this is as it should be for all Heavenly Fathers children. Yet when we are adults you sometimes enter into our lives trying to derail us from our appointed purpose. I tell you now that i am a child of God and no matter what you try to do you will not prevail because the strength of God is with me. With God for me who can be against me? You will not win. I will triumph. Even in death you will not win for I will happily be for all time and all eternity in heaven with my Heavenly Father.

As I live and follow the commandments, pray, enjoy my very close relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, I know you will leave me alone. Cancer will stay away from me and I will be healthy. With this mind set I will prevail. My body is the temple of my soul and it will remain strong for it is a precious gift from God.

You the enemy of life will be gone, yet if you decide to stay it is only because my time has come to be with Heavenly Father. I go with Joy and Happiness in mind for my eternal home at whatever appointed time this may be in whatever way is decided for me. Meanwhile, I pray for many who have the challenge of throwing ouy far away from them. In Jesus name you must leave all who are sick with your horrible treatment of them as you attempt to destroy them. I pray that they are strong in the knowledge of the gift of salvation and eternal life so that you are defeated and when they are called home to heaven they will have joy and happiness for all time and all eternity.

May the scientists and medical personnel defeat you at every turn. I write these words in Jesus name wishing everyone safe travels and many blessings. Grant victory over this cancer spiritually and physically according to your will oh Lord giving to those who are in need what they require for faith, understanding, strength and wisdom. May they and family and friends have quality happy time together knowing that whatever happens is best for everyone even though sometimes the loss is almost beyond our abilities to withstand. Allow not this enemy of life to prevail giving much wisdom and strength to whom ever needs it so they can help win victory against the antagonist.


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