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This is a brief piece about writers writing tomorrow's science.
 Today's Science Fiction  (E)
This is a brief piece about writers writing tomorrow's science.
#2101746 by Chaplain Marvin Schrebe, CPRSS

"You're crazy Billy", the young man's older brother laughed. "Your dreams of wagons that will drive themselves, communication over long distances with only a hand held device, man flying like birds, and people shopping without leaving their homes is ridiculous. Wherever do you get such trifling notions? "
Billy knew in his heart that they were more than flights of fancy. He knew in his heart that man would accomplish them, which was amazing since it was 1764. America was still under British rule. Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright Brothers, even Edison were not conceived yet, and the Industrial Revolution was barely started. What Billy didn't tell his brother was that he envisioned a day when man would travel to the stars.
Billy's 24th Century counterpart, Henry was also a dreamer. Henry envisioned a time when man would harness the massive tidal forces of a black hole, use a type of telepathy for communication, and move planets at will.
The science necessary to do the things Henry dreamed of were an elementary school subject to Candace, a dreamer of the 34th Century....
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