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Rated: 13+ · Prose · Action/Adventure · #2101874
A sequel to Poochyena Distress! Another poochyena is in the mix in search of their brother
Poochyena Distress 2

WARNING: This story contains - Footcrushing, Buttcrushing, Flattening, Bellycrushing, and soft vore.

A lone poochyena was stalking some weedle they were preying on as a bit of training to become a better hunter. They hid behind a bush and gazed at the weedle inching about the grassy floor in a opening. The poochyena grinned realizing this would be their best chance! They leaned back and pounced up into the air, growling and baring its fangs! The weedle noticed a shadow looming over them and scurried away from it. Poochyena fell face first into the hard ground and tumbled into a nearby tree. The poochyena's head throbbed in pain and saw pidgeys and staryus flying around its head. It shook its head and its tail fell on its face as it was backed up against the trunk, upside-down. The weedle looked back and laughed at the wolf pup and scurried off into the brush. Poochyena was angry at itself and rolled off the tree and shook its body of any dirt caught in its fur. The pup growled to itself, outsmarted by a weedle... how pathetic! A large boulder laid to the side of the pup and it decided to lay down there for a bit to catch some of its energy. The poch hopped up and stretched before curling up into a ball and falling asleep...

Meanwhile, not far from the pup, a familiar dragon had just woken up from their nap after munching on a delicious poochyena. She stretched her limbs and yawned before standing up. She looked down at her bloated belly and rubbed it realizing the pup must be unconscious and she licked her lips. The dragonite stretched her wings and flew up into the air in search of more food, or perhaps a 'playmate' of some sort. After 10 minutes, she comes across a riolu playing in a tree. She flies down closer to check for any parents nearby, but none were found and the dragonite made her move. She flew down and landed by a tree not far from the one riolu was playing on. The dragon peered around the trunk to see the riolu unaware of her presence and continued swinging on the branches. She smirked and slowly made her way from behind the tree over to the one parallel from her. She made it unseen and the riolu was still swinging away, carefree and completely oblivious to what was about to happen. The dragonite jump out from behind the tree and smacked the riolu off the branch with her tail. Riolu fell face first into the ground and attempted to lift itself up, until a shadow hovered above it and came crashing down compelely smashing the poor riolu. The dragonite smash her sizable foot on the tiny pokemon and rubbed it back and forth. She chuckled at the sounds of the squishing noises emanating from under her sole. The riolu's muffled groans were barely audible as it was smashed in the ground. The foot was lifted and reveal a half flattened riolu in a foot shaped crater. Riolu groaned before another foot came crashing down on him and flattened him even further. The dragonite grunted as she pressed her foot down with most her weight to create even more squelching and squash noises. Then, she lifted her foot off the poor creature to see the riolu nearly flat as paper! The riolu groans in pain causing the dragonite to laugh and nearly fall over. After a few minutes of laughing, the riolu was re-inflated, but too sore to move! The dragonite decided to continue her fun. She picked up the downed pokemon and held it up to her face. The dragonite smiled devilishly and walked over to the previous tree and held the riolu up against the trunk. She turned around and pointed her massive posterior directly at the riolu. The riolu shook its head and whimpered, pleading the dragon not to carry out with her plan, but she was was uncaring of its needs and slammed her butt up against the riolu with a loud, squish! The whimpering comes to a halt as the dragonite lets out a loud laugh that emits throughout the forest, whos echoes reach the ears of the poochyena resting on the boulder...

The poochyena wakes up from their nap at the sound of the laughter and comes to the conclusion that the laughter must be coming from their sibling! The pup hops off the rock and dashes to where the laughter was coming from. Jumping through bushes, climbing over rocks and swimming across a creek! Poochyena was nearly exhausted from traveling the whole way to meet up with their brother, who must have caught some good game to eat tonight. It shakes off the exhaustion and ventures forth before nightfall when the more dangerous pokemon come out. The sun beamed bright orange against the sea of trees and leaves, with many of the bug-type pokemon hiding away until next sunrise to hide from predators. The pup's stomach growls indicating hunger, but it doesn't have enough energy to try to catch up to the agile bugs and keeps trotting. After what seemed like hours, the pooch can hear the laughter from nearby and walks around the trees to see what their brother is up to. They hear a strange sound along with the laughter...

Poochyena veers its head from out of a bush and looks around to see what that noise is. It soon comes to realize the large sized dragonite rubbing its rump up against a tree! The pup realizes the laughter was from the dragon, but where was the noise coming from? The dragon soon halts her rubbing and takes her butt off the tree and reaches in her butt and take out something bright blue and squashed to a mess and holds it up to her face to examine her work. The pup realizes it was a riolu! A small riolu was squashed to almost nothing by that monster! The poochyena steps back out of the bush, but accidently stumbles backwards on a branch and falls back causing a ruckus that catches the ears of the dragonite and she drops the riolu. Stomping noises are soon heard and vibrations are felt as the pup realizes the dragonite is coming for them! The poochyena stands up and tries to run as fast as it can, but little did it know the dragonite was in close pursuit. Right as the pup was about to dash for some bushes, it notices a large shadow following it and getting bigger! As it tries to dash, -BOOM-, the dragonite lands belly first on the poochyena.

She rubs her stomach down on the crushed pup to induce some fresh squelches. The poochyena whimpered under the bulk of the dragon resting on top of them. It's soon temporarily relieved when the dragon stands up to reveal a crater perfectly matching her torso, and the poochyena stuck on her belly, tongue out and dazed. The pup groans in pain after being severely squashed by the dragons ton frame. She giggles as she presses the wolf against her belly more and body slams the ground again with even more force with a loud SQUELCH! The pooch flattened instantly upon impact from the second blow. The dragonite laughs maniacally as she bounces her belly on the creature to squash them as much as possible. After 10 minutes of this, the dragonite stands up out of her 3 foot deep crater and stares down at the wolf completely flattened across her belly. She laughs again and peels it off her stomach to allow it to reinflate. The dragonite waits for 5 minutes before the poochyenna inflates fully. It's sore all over and feels like jell-o only being able to emit soft sounding groans. Poochyena looks up to see the Dragonite standing over the them with a fiendish smile before picking it up and bringing it to her face. She licks her lips and lifts the pup over her head and opens her mouth. The pup can only whimper as it is lowered into the slimy, gaping maw. Poochyena is dropped on the tongue and the mouth closes over it covering it in darkness. Dragonite soon flips the poochyena over with her tongue and coats its whole body in saliva juices, enjoying its delectable taste, before slamming them against the roof of her mouth. The poochyena lays there, helpless against the tongue's onslaught. Dragonite curls her tongue around the pup and slams it against the side of her right cheek and swishes it around, enjoying the feeling of pounding the pup with her mouth. She prodes the wolf with her tongue and slides it over to her left cheek and continues her swishing. Poochyena whimpers from the claustrophobic feeling, until it's dragged out by the tongue. Dragonite realizes the taste is just about gone and lifts its head up to swallow her meal with several gulps. The pup slowly slides down the soaked tongue to its apparent doom. A noticable bulge develops in the dragonite's neck, shaping the pup being swallowed whole as it slowly slides down her throat. She places her hand on the bulge and leans her head up, then gives a strong gulp forcing the pup into the stomach pit. The dragonite licks its lips with a nice belch and pats its now further bloated stomach housing a brand new savory meal and lays up against a tree to catch some more sleep.

Bonus: The poochyena whimpers believing this is its prison, it's new cage, entrapped forever, until it feels something press up against their left side. It turns to meet a pair of glowing eyes staring right at them along with a lick on their lips. They soon realize it was their brother they had been searching for! It gives a lick back and they nuzzle their heads together before curling up next to each other and falling asleep, knowing they would be safe together.
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