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An expensive cup of tea

Reporter John Plywood for the Chronicle News, Boston, Massachusetts, British America.

An expensive cup of tea ~ Approx. 18 thousand British Pounds lost in the Boston Harbor! Is this the beginning of serious trouble?

December 16th, 1773. BOSTON

Today a group of Colonists, dressed up as Mohawk Indians have taken measures into their own hands again.

Sons of Liberty

The demonstrators, calling themselves The Sons of Liberty, boarded on three ships The Beaver, The Eleanor and The Dartmouth and destroyed an entire shipment of tea sent by the East India Company. They threw the trunks of tea into the Boston Harbor. They believe that, as they are not directly represented in the faraway British Parliament, any laws passing affecting the colonists are illegal under the Bill of Rights of 1689, and are a denial of their rights as Englishmen.

Mother of The Tea Party

According to Sarah Bradlee, who has been called the "Mother of the Boston Tea Party" and is the sister of one of the Indians in Griffins Wharf, “Enough is enough”. “Even Samual Adams has said ‘This meeting can do nothing further to save the country.’” As one of the prominent members of a women-patriots organization called “The Daughters of Liberty”, she is all for the uprising of the Colonists and warns this is only the beginning. “You wait and see. “

Britain's answer

A local representative of Britain's Lord Frederick North stated “Destruction of private property hurts small business in the area, furthermore, they attempt to frame Native Americans with their disguises and they polluted the water in which locals fish in. They have not fulfilled their responsibility to pay England back from defending them against the French and Indians. Some colonists are traitors for not paying the taxes which as territory of England is treason and some are traitors to the crown who protects them. They don't support the troops but instead arm themselves. Nevertheless Lord North is brooding on new legislation to keep the peace and quiet after the Boston Massacre of 1770, where people have been killed. Such an uprising we don’t need again. Today’s act of vandalism over the Tea act is outrageous.”

Tea Act

The so-called Tea Act from May 10, 1773, is a law granting the Company the right to directly ship its tea to the Colonies and the right to the duty-free export of tea from Britain. The tax they avoid this way would be three pence per pound of tea.

Expensive tea

Since tea is so very expensive estimations are today’s upheaval costs 342 barrels of 92,000 pounds of tea with an estimated value between £10,000 and £18,000.

The beginning of the end?

Will we hear about repercussions from the British Government? Insiders say this can be the beginning of a harsh and unprecedented confrontation between Great Britain and the Thirteen American Colonies. We will keep you updated.

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