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Rated: E · Other · Sci-fi · #2102060
A short piece of flash fiction set in a Sci-fi setting I'm slowly working on
Space tore open. A massive flare of exotic radiation danced across the spectrum as a leviathan powered it’s way through the jump gate singularity.
The Terran Hegemony warship Agamemnon erupted; Plasma drives flaring as she accelerated away. Along her flanks, armoured covers retracted from weapon batteries as she woke for the fight to come.
“Transition complete Admiral” came the voice on the bridge.
“Release the frigates; prep for fighter wing launch. Find me the targets.”
“Aye sir.”
The Agamemnon’s attendant battle group, the frigates Encroacher, Comet, Hesperus and Eclipse detached from their parent carrier, each powering forward and prepping their own batteries like attack dogs baring their teeth.
“Battle group away; we have acquired targeting returns.”
“Clear the fighters for launch, get me a full spread of torpedoes ready, maximum yield”
“Aye Admiral”
Shielding retracted along the ventral hull of the Agamemnon, exposing her launch bays. Shrike class space superiority fighters and Mauler class torpedo bombers launching on bright plumes of plasma exhaust like seeds spat from a pod.
“All wings report attack formation. time to target 10 minutes and counting; Torpedoes loaded and ready, Main battery targeting reports locked and ready.”
“Excellent. Any response yet?”
“Picking up engine flare Admiral, looks like they are tying to run.”
“I’m not having that. I want them gone. All batteries, All torpedoes. FIRE!”
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