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A poem written about the way we view "others", and the disabled.
The doctors were at a loss
When they saw my four hands
Four feet ,eight limbs
But my feet are good enough for walking
My hands are good enough for talking
I am human, too

When I caught the bus, they said mean things
"Why do you walk funny, why do you talk funny"
I flipped them the bird
And I said , "haven't you heard?"
"I made the track team!"

No one wanted to employ me
They just toyed with me
I got a job making other people's coffee
In an office-block just south of Main
I said I could serve them four at a time!
They said I was efficient
But they thought I was weird

Now I sit here , at the edge of a square
With my sign up, and my change cup near
Look at the people passing by
Few people stop and give me change
They thought I was strange
The people with smiles that drip down toward frowns

I am Vitruvian
I am human too!
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