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The Ghost of Christmas Future teaches wisdom from the present track of our present lives.
The Ghost of Christmas Future hath
a grim and surly gaze,
He pierces through your core a path,
No eye He thus displays.

The Ghost of Christmas Future speaks
of life, that may yet be,
The heart within it daily seeks
the wishes made of "me."

The Ghost of Christmas Future shows
the day of grave result
To one, who lives for self, yet knows
the needs he won't consult.

The Ghost of Christmas Future gives
the bright and sweet release
To one, who unto others lives,
while self may yet decrease.

The Ghost of Christmas Future doth
not make the things to come,
He shows us all the lasting Truth,
the whole, the part, the sum.

If Christmas Future seems too bad,
then maybe we should pause,
And seek the source of Joy or Sad.
Do lack we Santa Claus?

If Christmas Future Claus remains,
then what of daily Joy?
Is giving part of daily gains
effusive hearts employ?

Is Christmas Future’s lasting curse,
unmoved when we repent?
If I could change, still be it worse,
though clothing hangs as rent?

When nation goes so far awry,
is there no lasting Joy
For people, who their hearts apply
to helping girl and boy...

...Or man and woman in their need,
who look for hope today,
Will we turn deaf to cries, that plead
for help in any way?

The Ghost of Christmas Future stares
as if He yet would ask,
Is faith a need beyond your care?
Is this another's task?

Is Christ a nonessential thought,
just for some foolish mind?
Is Christmas just a child's tale taught
by gifts and merry blind?

What will the Ghost of Christmas be,
if all of Life is this,
Just what I taste, touch, smell, hear, see,
disowning, that there's Bliss?

But if with open eyes behold
the future as it is,
Will Future Ghost be tale, that's told
with Christmas truly His?

Line Count: 56

by Jay O'Toole
on November 12, 2016

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