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The King Kong Movie
The screen play KING KONG by Merian C. Cooper and Edgar Wallace is a typical depiction of the White and Black struggle by the Whiteman.

The White man: technology, feminism, democracy etc. He sees himself the God he preaches, he asks the Black man to worship that God that puts food on his table (ironically it's him he meant). He sees himself as enlightenment, positive growth, and even life essence itself.

The Black man he sees as ignorance in personification, vice. He pegs him as these.

These script writers have played on the Black man's intelligence, and still finds the Black man crediting them for this ill.

The Kong represents ignorance but with raw and untapped strenght; though not the opposite. He can cause minimal damage; like the Kong did in destroying the theatre and killing some white folks. But at the end he will die alone with just a White woman to his rescue.

More like a Mrs. Clinton saving the Black world. She was alone in that fight. And Trump being more like the American military that gunned the Kong down in the sight of her lover, that White woman whose voice wouldn't be heard in that American artillery formations.

He (White man) will even go to the extent of exterminating the Kong, the Black man, ignorance. But can he achieve this? Is it a feat he is capable of achieving?

These two opposites have been in existence (Black and White) since time immemorial, and they won't cease to exist. A goodness today begat a greater vice tomorrow, and versa.

We end it by: they both are.!!!!
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