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A piece I wrote due to the fragile nature of my country's democracy.
Was crossing a section of the East-West road in Port Harcourt, and I saw this heavy military presence.

My city Port Harcourt, a place I always miss its taxi live whenever am not around town. But today there is this high presence of men on boots that I ask, are we at war?

Yes, I have to ask this question because I have never seen them this much before. How did we get to this stage that we've drawn battle formations for ourselves, much like in the Bhagavad Gita, where Arjuna had to face his friends, teachers and even cousins.

We are fighting and weakening ourselves for Christ sake! Is this how we'll lead the Black world? Is this what we bargained for in the beginning?

I know that no is the answer, I know that we are an understanding people and will trace our path towards peace. Peace will heal us.

Yes peace founded on best practices will. We will dialogue within ourselves and come to conclusion that the Niger Delta issue is right, though its approach may be wrong. Go to Eleme and see the gaseous haziness in the sky, what a people exhume and yet nothing is done to alleviate their plight.

Go to the Northeast and you see the Lake Chad reducing in size and displacing millions from their livelihood.

These are issues that we need to address collectively and sincerely, and not divisive issues like we've been doing lately.
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