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Rated: E · Fiction · Children's · #2104162
A mysterious island, a legendary treasure and the man at the center of it.
There is an island in the Font Arpeggio where a treasure is supposedly buried. This island and its’ surrounding waters were the home of an infamous pirate known as Captain Six Pins. He was a fearsome and often frightening individual who struck fear into those who found themselves in his presence. It was said that Captain Six Pins had amassed enormous wealth in his twenty year career. He hid this great treasure on the island he claimed for his own. He called it Black Skull Island.

His favorite targets were those of the wealthy trading companies that passed by the Arpeggio, especially those that flew the flag of the Red Roost Trading Company. Though his fearsome reputation was earned, Captain Six Pins was not by any means a cruel man. He had his honor after all. He never stole from those that couldn’t afford a few losses and he never took heirlooms or objects of sentimental value. He made an example out of more then one crew member who tried.

It was in the aftermath of a fierce battle that the legend met his end. A battle with an enemy warship left Six Pins mortally wounded. He and his crew managed to escape to the safety of Black Skull island. Before his death, he laid a curse upon the island and its waters.

"If anyone dare seek that which I have hidden, be warned, for none will find if they are of ill intent."

Many ships have gone missing in the water off of Black Skull Island. It was into these cursed waters that the HMS Black Buccaneer had sailed under orders from the queen.

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