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The second chapter, which happens after Halloween Night and tells of the first problems...
Jake and Jason chapter two


Not long after Halloween, Jake and I decided to grab a cup of coffee at a local café. This wasn't the first time and not the last time either.
We usually sit outside, so I can light a cigarette whenever I am feeling like it.
We talked about Halloween and what happened;
"What was wrong with Ricardo and Leroy?", asked Jake.
Knowing that these two get in an argument rather quick, I said; "It was merely a simple discussion about girls, I think."
He nodded and as soon as I grabbed a cigarette to light, he grabs my lighter.
"I'll light it for you!" Jake said. I looked at him, seeing how afraid he was of... Something.
I let him light my cigarette and an awkward silence like nothing before was suddenly there.

"Is something wrong? You know you can trust me, right?" I asked.
"W-well, it's not that you have to get involved in a certain matter or anything..." he said, as I saw him getting nervous like he just murdered a man.
"Speak up man, you're freaking me out here" I told him bluntly.
"I received a death threat... Please don't be mad..." he said, as if I were to kill him if he said it.
"Not like in a game, right? I mean, you look so worried... Any idea who the sender is?" I asked.
"It's... It's for the better if I show you" as he opened the chat log on his phone.

"You owe me 50 euro man", "Send it to this bank account or I'll break your legs!" filled the screen.
As I continued to read, I also saw "Not even responding? Are you dead?" and "I'll kill you if you're not dead, I needed the money yesterday!"
As I read those words, I thought it was a random person, but then he scrolled back up again.
"Dimitry", with his profile picture. He was the one sending the threats.

I stared at the screen blankly, and then stared at Jake, trying to withold his tears.
"He knows where I live... You told him that, didn't you?" he asked, as I was trying to recall if I did.
And I did, after the Halloween party in case Jake was drunk and we needed to bring him home.
"Yeah, I did, but not for... This! How do you even owe him money?" I asked.
"I uhm... See... Before you headed this way, we grabbed a few beers too. I only nothing on me and wanted to buy some kebab as well..."
As those words left his mouth, I know, I felt that he did use Dimitry's money and thus, did not split as one of my rules go.

I know this was like, one of the first time I really got mad and yelled at him. He lied to me, he broke one of my rules and those messages were rather old (a week or so, if I recall correctly). That means he could have told me that a week ago.
"Are you seriously dumb or anything?! Please say you gave the rest to him back..." as I almost had the urge to cry, which I could not do so easily normally.
"I-I thought it was easier to pay 50 instead of calculate how much I used and stuff!" as he was getting uncomfortable near me, I noticed.
"You pay this time with your dirty money, I am done!" I exclaimed, as I walked away angrily with my cigarette still burning.

"Don't look back, don't look back, this doesn't concern me..." I told myself. "Or does it?"
After driving home and having calmed down considerably, I checked if I was home alone.
After confirming I was the only one home that moment, I called Dimitry.
"Yo Dimitry, Jason here... How you hanging?" I asked over the phone.
"Eey Jason, everything is cooleroni, why you calling?" he asked.
I never felt so stupid, as we normally text each other if we wanted to go out or anything in general.
He knew why I was calling.

"Don't start me on Jake, he knows I got enough cash and he used me." He said, confirming that he sent those threats.
"Dimitry, why dude? Why even bother threatening him? Like--" As I was still talking, Dimitry was getting angry and yelled over the phone:
"Dude! We are all so done with this kid! He is the one ruining that day! He should not have borrowed my money while I was drunk!" He exclaimed, as he went ranting on.

I was thinking to myself, playing the little detective I am, if they already had some drinks, why did he need the money after that?
What was the real reason Jake needed the money when they finished a couple of drinks? This bothered me more then I would admit.
I knew Jake had a low self-esteem due to being... Different... And I know his family isn't too wealthy, but this?
"Dude, shut up man! We all know that Jake can sometimes be weird, but he is not" a damn thief!" I told him, as I slowly started to regret this.
"He did stole it, he didn't gave it back to me, that's that. He owes me money, he's in debt." he said, in a cold voice, like I got through to him.

"But save it for another time please, I am getting a headache because of this. Remember, you heard his side, but let me tell mine too." He said, hinting to the suggestion he wanted to end this conversation.
"Allright, sorry man. Talk to you over text then?" I asked carefully.
"Yeah, later" as the phone confirms the end of the conversation.

Now to ask him and get an idea what the heck is going on... Maybe it was for the better if I didn't know of this...

How Dimitry and I handled thing? Read the Dimitry and Jason soon! Chapter two will be about when I confronted him about this, specifically.

Leaving this to rest for a while, Jake and I got into a big fight... One of our worst, if not the worst.
You can read it soon in Jake and Jason Chapter Three!
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