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Not a happy Christmas song by any means.
 A Christmas Story  (13+)
Not a happy Christmas song by any means.
#2104984 by Chaplain Marvin Schrebe, CPRSS

Many children awaited Christmas morn
Jimmy just tried to avoid his daddy's scorn
Christmas had only one meaning to him
His drunken daddy might break his limb.

Daddy was mean every Christmas season
Jimmy was sure he was the reason
He knew his daddy didn't want his birth
Oh it wasn't his choice to be on this earth.

Jimmy tried to hide from his dad
When he did so it only made his daddy mad
So he stood to face it like a man
He knew it would be worse if he ran.

As usual his daddy came in drunk
This time Jimmy didn't take his junk
He hit his dad who then hit his head
"That's your payback" Jimmy said.

Later the police took Jimmy away
The warden said "You'll die today"
Jimmy was happy to die at Christmas time
For him it was justice so sublime.

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