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Featured in Comedy Newsletter 12-21-2016
A puppy for Christmas  (E)
Featured in Comedy Newsletter 12-21-2016
#2105350 by Chris Breva Congrats on20WDC!!

Santa knew that Jimmy had his heart set on a German Shepherd puppy for Christmas. Jimmy was a teenage boy and didn't really believe in Santa but he wanted somebody to play with. Santa also knew that Jimmy's parents wanted him to have the puppy but were much too busy to find him one. So Santa was going to deliver Jimmy a black and tan German Shepherd puppy, just as Jimmy wanted. The only problem Santa had was that the puppy would have the run of the house once he delivered it. Nobody would even know it was there. Anybody who knows anything about puppies knew that could easily result in a disaster!

Santa considered his options. He could deliver the puppy earlier while Jimmy was still awake but it wasn't his practice to make his stops when the children could see him. Even if Jimmy wasn't a child, doing so seemed to take the magic out of it. No that wouldn't work. He considered delivering the puppy Christmas day but knew that if Jimmy woke up without it he'd be disappointed. No! The only alternative was deliver the puppy as usual and take the gamble.

Jimmy's house was easy to find. He lived in a lone house in the country. Santa had been there dozens of times and knew all he had to do was follow Route 66. It would lead him to Jimmy's ranch style house on the right hand side of the road, five miles from town. So the team of reindeer arrived in record time. Santa decided to give the little pup some instructions.

"When I take you in there I want you to find a place under the tree to lie down. I don't want you to move until the family awakes in the morning. I don't want you to make any messes or destroy anything. Now do you need to potty before we go in?"

Santa knew the little puppy wasn't trained yet but his powers of persuasion convinced the puppy to do what it needed to do. Then he took the young puppy down the chimney and placed it under the tree. Convinced that the puppy was going to comply, Santa left him there.

After Santa left the puppy's curiosity got the best of him. The tree was amazing to the puppy! All the bright lights, bulbs, garland, and especially the strings of popcorn were too much to take. After all Santa had forgotten one detail. Growing puppies are always hungry!

The puppy began to eat the delicious smelling popcorn. Then when the pieces became too high for him to reach it made sense to him to pull on the string! At first it didn't work so he gave a mighty tug. Suddenly the tree crashed on top of him making a horrible commotion! The puppy also began to bark out of fear and shock, only adding to the fray!

"What in the name of Jesus, Joseph, and Mary is going on in here," a sleepy voice asked.

The puppy worked his way out from under the fallen tree and looked into the eyes of his new master and master's family.

"My puppy," Jimmy cried with glee. "And I know just what I'll name him. I'll name him "Disaster" because he's a disaster looking for a place to happen! Thank you Santa Claus!"

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