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A kid with no friends. Ends up with the most popular kid in the school. Find out why!
Dear Diary,}
Today, the kids called me names again. Not that that's unusual, but it always seems to hurt my feelings. But the good side of today is the fact that I made a friend. His name is Wallace, but everybody calls him Wally, even the girls. Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name Bruce, I am ten years old, and I weigh a lot. Well in other words, I'm fat. Or chubby. That's why everybody calls me names. Some people call my Super Chub, and others, Fat Boy. The name spread around the school. Wallace and I met in our first baking class. I love baking. We were put up into partners and I got Wallace. And first it was awkward silence, and then he started to speak to me. I tried to answer his questions as best as I could, but that comes easily to me. I forgot to mention the fact that Wallace is the most popular boy in the whole school. Anyway, by the time I answered all of Wally's questions, I could see how much we were alike. We are both the youngest of our families; both love Will Smith from Fresh Prince of Bellaire, and both love reading. And the best part; he invited me to his house! That's where I'm going right now, Dear Diary. So I'll be back here to tell you everything, OK? Thanks! Bye!
Bruce Willis
Dear Diary:
I did it! I went to Wally's house! It actually wasn't that bad. We watched our favorite Fresh Prince of Bellaire episodes, played on his trampoline, and swam in his awesome pool. But today at school, stuff was different. The kids started teasing me again.
"Hey it's Super Chub!" One kid said, shoving me. "No! It's Ultra Fatness!" Another kid laughed. "Stop it guys." That, was Wallace. "Oooh, look who's sticking up for his "bestie"!" Some kid teased. "Oh be quiet." Wally said. And everybody did. And after that, nobody teased me again. Now, people are nice to me. I mean, not like they invite me to every sleepover they have. They just don't tease me. I am finally really happy. And Wally and I stayed best friends, and will, forever.

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