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A contest entry for Dialogue 500 December 2016
 Jesus Talks to Santa  (E)
A contest entry for Dialogue 500 December 2016
#2105634 by Chris Breva

"Who do you think you are stealing my thunder you facade? I never authorized any holiday to celebrate my birth. Then you come along and begin giving gifts to children to teach them about love. In itself I have no problem with your intentions. You thought you were doing the right thing. I'll give you that much. What you've actually done though is totally disobey Me! Didn't you read what I said to King Saul. I told him it's much better to obey Me than to make sacrifices to Me!

"But, but Lord, I meant no harm! I was taught by the church that we should celebrate your birth. I've also been taught that love is always to be my number one priority. When I looked around and saw all the needy children my heart was broken. If only I could bring a smile to their faces even for one day! Thus I sat out to do just that. How did I know that man would immortalize me like this?

"That's just my problem! Man has immortalized you and raised you to the status of a god. When I said there were no other gods I meant just that! You're no god! You're a mere man who has created a myth around himself because he was disobedient to my word. If you had read my word and heeded it there would be no Christmas and no Santa!"

"Please Lord God, forgive me for I have sinned."

"I forgive you. Go and don't sin again."

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