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by Laddy
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A poem on my thoughts about affection.

I hate the words "I love you".
I hate how little meaning such words hold now and days.
I hate how it is a expected response.
How it is more of a instinct to say it back than a compelling desire.
These words are said too much,are made so common that they are no longer special.

Why can't we say something more?
Something with real meaning and genuine care behind it.

Why? Because society tells you it is cheesy? Because it is seen as weak to be sentimental?

What is wrong with telling someone that you adore them?
What is wrong with telling someone that you wish they never had to leave?
That you watch them sleep and hope that they always look as peaceful as they do when they are dreaming?
What is so wrong with calling one your desert flower?
What's wrong with being true to your emotions and expressing it fully?

Instead we hide behind lines written for us,and scenes played out for us.
We are told this is the proper way to express love.

Let's break those limitations.
Be genuine.
Be fearless.


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