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An epic poem for Christmas
 The Magi Search for the Messiah  (E)
An epic poem for Christmas
#2105926 by Chris Breva-Graduate Student

428 words 57 lines

Some magi sat in a far away land
There they viewed an incredible sight
There was a star in the sky
Shining brighter than any they had ever saw
This amazed the magi for they knew the stars well
The birth of the new star was unheard of.

The magi searched for a meaning to what they saw
There was nothing in their books of magic to explain it
However in a an ancient text they found an answer
The text spoke of a child who was to be born
The child would save the world
A star would accompany his birth.

The magi knew they must pay homage to the child
They expressed this to their king
He sent them forth to search out the child
Their pack animals were laden with supplies and gifts for the child.

They searched for the child for many months
Their journey was full of hardship and peril
the star lay ever before them
It continued to light their way like a beacon
It beckoned them to move onward
They knew the child awaited.

At last the arrived in Judea
Roman soldiers were everywhere
The magi asked about the child
The soldiers mocked them for their words
Thus they went to the priests
The priests trembled in fear at their word
Prophecy was being fulfilled.

The priests took the magi to the king
The king knew the prophecy well
He too supplied the magi with their needs
He told them to seek out the child
They were to report to him when the child was found
However the king was very jealous
He wished to take the child's life.

The magi found the child in Bethlehem
They left gifts and worshiped him there
They were warned to avoid the king
So they slipped out of the country another way
The king was furious at this outrage
He sent his men to kill every male child
Crying was heard everywhere.

The Chosen one escaped the slaughter
He was taken to the land of Egypt
There he was raised for some years
Finally the wicked king was no more
The child could then come home
However the wicked king's son was just as evil
So the child was raised in another region.

The child grew and became a man
He was hated by the leaders of his time
He called the leaders hypocrites they were
They plotted and carried out His death
Through that death we all have life
The sentence of death lifted from us
Eternal life now is within our reach.

428 words 57 lines
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