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My views on things
Ok where to start, here it is December 20, 2016, there is snow on the ground, so we may have a white Christmas, not that it matters to me, but who am I in the grand scheme of things?
I am an insignificant cog in a huge machine called the world.
We just had a presidential election and our choices were an "Oompa Loompa" and woman who is married to a former president who was actually impeached and he was suspected of doing questionable things while in office.
Now I know this is a very touchy subject, but we elected a person who has lost millions of dollars thru bad business deals, who publically spoke derogatory towards woman, threatened to deport all the illegal individuals here in the US and to build a wall to keep the illegal individuals out. I am sorry but he is the epitome of hatred and evil. Again just my two cents. I know that this may insult a lot of people but again this is my opinion.
The choices for this presidential election was poor, the only descent candidate that was out there was Bernie Sanders. Personally I think we should have a cage match with all the candidates fighting it out. Last man or woman standing wins. Oh well. Until next time, thank you for allowing me to rant and say my piece.
Merry Christmas everyone
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