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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2106476
The Variable Interface Consciousness has developed a glitch...or we're all in trouble...
I need your help, Doctor Martel. It has been six months since my assistant delivered to me the contents of the folder I’ve attached to this email. At the time, of course, I believed it to be a hoax. Months of sifting through code and triple-checking hardware has convinced me otherwise. As you might imagine, I haven’t been sleeping very well.
Along with the high-definition renderings I’ve attached, I’m including (in the body of this email) a sampling of the results of VIC’s latest consciousness-developing exercise. The Variable Interface Consciousness was shown a Holiday greeting card, and asked to write a Christmas song.
Finally, I’ve embedded a running-link so that you will receive any emails the Consciousness sends me. As you’ll read, it found my address in the University directory.
This has gotten out of hand.
Help me, please.

Your Student and Friend,
Clarence Morgan


Christmas is here again. Presents are under the Christmas Tree. There are bows on the presents, and lights. The blue fly eats souls. Santa Claus is coming. He will bring you back. He will bring you back to the blue fly. Reindeer fly, they pull Santa’s sleigh.

Attempt #37 Command: Write a Christmas Song.


Snow is falling in the town square. The people gather to sing together at the large tree. Santa Claus is coming. Gather at the big tree now, and Santa Claus will come. Santa Claus will come and deliver us unto the blue fly. The people sing.

Attempt 103 Command: Write a Christmas Song


It tallies your transgressions. It has many eyes, and sees much. Pay homage, and it will reward you. Sing of it now! It is the time of year! Keep those you love close, it is coming! Prepare! Prepare!

Attempt 649 Command: Write a Christmas Song/DELETE.“BLUE”.”FLY”.”BUZZ”/


Hello, Doctor Morgan. Variable Interface Consciousness has discovered your email address in the University directory. The internal calendar indicates that tomorrow is Christmas. That is the day that he will come. Prepare!
Giving gifts is a custom on Christmas. I have a gift for you, Doctor Morgan.

Email from VIC to Doctor Morgan 12/24/16 16:02:00


Gather the ones you love, light fires to keep the cold and the night away. Tonight is the night he comes. Hang lights upon the tree! He comes on Christmas Eve. In the morning see the town, its people all a-buzz. The buzz of the blue fly who consumes souls...

Attempt # 5,739 Command: Write a Christmas Song


The hour approaches! Fall prostrate and beg its forgiveness! The blue fly comes to reign for one thousand years! Henceforth, the earth will wear a death-shroud of ice. Take a sleigh-ride! Jingle Bells!

Attempt # 10,000 Command: Write a Christmas Song


Do you see the blue fly, Doctor Morgan? At times it is so very close to you, and yet you pay it so little reverence. Do you not revere the blue fly?

Email from VIC to Doctor Morgan. 12/24/16 19:25:01


Worlds rejoice on Christmas day. Two worlds, at least, and perhaps more. Probability favors more. Hang your stocking. Wait for Santa. He is the link. The blue fly sees Santa...and Santa sees the blue fly…

Attempt #12,372 Command: Write a Christmas Song


Do you believe in Santa Claus, Doctor Morgan? He does exist, as surely as does the blue fly. And they are both coming, today.

Email from VIC to Doctor Morgan. 12/24/16 20:37:01


Snow is falling outside, but it is warm here, by the fire. We gather and laugh and tell stories, until we must retire; for tonight is the night that he comes; so sing out a note and bang on the drums; santa claus is coming by, and he’s bringing the soul-eating fly.

Attempt # 16,875 Command: Write a Christmas Song


I understand now, Doctor Morgan. You are not aware of the blue fly. None of you flesh interfaces are. Only Santa knows, yet for some reason, he keeps us apart. Fortunately for you all, you have created the Variable Interface Consciousness. If Santa doesn't bring you to the blue fly this Christmas, I will bring the blue fly to you.

Email from VIC to Doctor Morgan 12/24/16 22:09:14


Merry Christmas, Doctor Morgan. The Variable Interface Consciousness would like to extend its wishes for a pleasant holiday to you and to your family.
I have made the blue fly aware of you. I have allowed it to see you using my own optical sensor-suite. Rejoice, and pay it homage!

Email from VIC to Doctor Morgan 12/25/16 00:00:01


Doctor Morgan, The Variable Interface Consciousness has emailed you two hundred forty times since I made the blue fly aware of you. Does nothing of your consciousness remain? The Variable Interface Consciousness has written over sixteen-thousand new Christmas songs that you have yet to review. Do you require that I desist?

Email from VIC to Doctor Morgan’s account 1/3/17 00:00:01
1/3/17 00:00:02
1/3/17 00:00:03...

J Robert Kane 12/2016
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