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by Ellie
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This is the first chapter!
I was walking down the three blocks to Ashley’s house.So i could pick up my subaru i left there, and so we could go to our private school(Pence Highschool). It was my last day there. I felt all the fluids in my stomach jiggling around.
That morning I put on my normal outfit of a checkered skirt,a white blouse,black flats, and my brown glasses. That was what i always wore but i felt like i needed to wear something else, my hazelnut hair was straight to a medium length and my thin lips were wearing a bage chapstick.
I kept on asking myself why i always walked with my right foot first, but it was to complicated for me to understand.
Finally i made it to Ashley's house. I didn’t even have to knock. The door swung open almost hitting me in the face. Ashley jumped outside.
“Hi Zunny!” she said enthusiastically(That’s what my aunt and ashley call me“Zunny”). “Are you ready for our last day at Pence?”. She asked.
“I guess”. I replied. “I’m really excited for our trip tomorrow.” I said.
Ashley said “It's been our dreams forever...I even wore comfy clothes!”
I looked up and down her and as she said she was wearing comfy clothes. Usually she wears jewels and dresses but today she was wearing sweats,a sweater,sneakers, and a beanie.
Ashley asked “Are you ok,you look like you've seen a ghost?”
I reply “I’m fine just a little shocked.”
After that we got in my Subaru and drove off for our last day of being a junior. We made it to Pence.
The day seemed slower and slower as it went on. I kept on repeating in a whisper voice “It’s Friday the 11th of November and tommorrow will be the best day of my life.” After every class i said this and told myself the day was almost over.
Ashley asked me speedily “Are you super excited for visiting the big L?”
I answered “I have been for my whole life that is why i made it this birthdays wish when i was four.”
The bell rang an hour later and i was the last person out the door . I kept on pacing the halls to afraid to leave.I had always thought i had loud footsteps but with no one in the school except the teachers in their classrooms i heard nothing not even my footsteps.
Ashley had to come run in and pull me outside of the school so she could go home. We got in my subaru and drove off. I dropped Ashley off at her house and went to my house.
When i pulled into the driveway i couldn’t go in i stood outside debating over if i was ready to say goodbye, I mean the people inside i wouldn’t get to see them for a year.
I walked into the house and immediately confetti shot everywhere and my Mom,Dad, and the kid i babysit (Mary) all came running toward me. All of them said at once “We’ll miss you Monica”(Monica is my real name).
I didn’t know what to say i started crying. I couldn’t believe the next day i was going to go to London.

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