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A short free verse poem.


The undying feeling

Which rots even my very soul and being

Oh why does this curse daunts on me so

I know I don't deserve any acts of kindness and righteousness but,

Why would I deserve this wretched curse as well?

Do I deserve to decompose from the inside out?

Or perhaps it's my own soul that is to blame.

Allowing myself to have bathed in its desires and whims and slowly rot away. This in itself is the essence of death, having feel the pain that hurts one's emotions and mind.

Physical pain can be forgotten but, the strain, tears, and scars of distant past memories last lifetime of pain some that can't be overcome.

Memories of happiness and good deeds are well.

Yet, exactly as it implies, it is just memories.

Does not mean it can come about again, or makes certain of future happiness.

In this pit of my own creation, how can one redeem one's courage and will to strive and make amends with deeds to regret.

How can one forget and forgive? Is that even possible, when that person is no longer?

How can I forget of the wrongs I have done towards people, not helping when the time was needed?

Regret is the time that your supposed to correct your mistakes. How can I when the mistakes I have made cost lives of those around me?

Even though I am not directly involved in their deaths, I still was tainted by the strain of death.

Which started the rotting of this soul, and the essence of the one that it attaches to.

Eventually, all they will see is the empty husk of the one person they knew. Devoid of personality or life,

What becomes of this foolish man?

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