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A relationship gone wrong
I woke up barely breathing....
Wishing this all was just a dream
Reflecting on the previous day
When he decided to confess to me
Wrecking my brain in a hundred different ways
Replaying the words he came to me to say
Little did he know, My heart broke! before he spoke...
My legs lost all feelings,and I had lost all hope
I can't say i didn't see it coming
Because for a minute I was aware!
Although my pride couldn't face it
Him leaving i couldn't bare!
I had prayed, even begged and yet i still walked away broken
Devastated!, betrayed!
His love was nothing to joke with!
Torn into two and I was clueless
I had no idea how to live
Life without him was forbidden
And momentarily every thing stood still
Picking up my heart piece by piece
I noticed it was impossible to fix
Dropping in the middle of my remains
I kept asking myself what I'd missed
I had given my all
And he said i wasn't there
When I bent over backwards
Showing him how much I cared
So baffled! At the way he left me
And there was nothing I could do
Indeed his actions was bold and temporarily outspoken
Dividing from me without confirmation
Had lead me to witness an escape without escaping.....
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