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These are some of the stories I can tell about Iraq when I'm bored and ready. :-)
This is a list of prompts and ideas for stories I may or may not ever end up writing. I've had some people interested in learning more about some of my experiences in Iraq. We'll see what, if any, I end up writing about. *Smile*

**Put an appropriate warning on the top of each item**

The blast

Not getting a Purple Heart

Coming home and the lack of welcome

Trying to survive despite the lack of help

How I was before, after, and now

Some of my PTSD/depression

Various treatments

Trying to get a service dog--Cathy and her seizures too

"Angel in the White SU"

Getting my Benchmade knife 3x

1st day of brunch and the SUV

Various Fb notes

Making jewelry

Getting Med Boarded and having a CAB

Not seeing the blood on my boots

Helping out with death

Life at COB Delta

Proving I have a mTBI


SFC Lucas

Other locations

Difference between Delta and Baghdad

Haji Shops

Care packages





Germany and Ireland

Close calls

What I missed and what I didn't

Difference in what we were like when we came home

Individual deployers


Going to the range

Closing down the COB

Closing down Shocker

Electrocuted in the shower

Opinions of some Iraqis

Children's Day

Various OICs

Fearing a handgun instead of a 50 cal

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