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An Exercise for the 30 Day Blogging Callenge
 Fun under the Sun  (E)
An Exercise for the 30 Day Blogging Callenge
#2108711 by Chris Breva AKA Marvin Schrebe

The 30 Day Blogging Challenge Prompt is: "Create a poem inspired from your entries this month. Any style or form (or none at all). Pull lines from all of your entries thus far and see what happens. Obviously you're free to add/subtract words from lines that don't seem to fit the narrative you've come across when compiling your thoughts; this isn't meant to be a summary of the month to date, but a writing exercise."

This challenge has been fun for me, teaching me as well
I have learned the thought of others, a sense of fair play
I have learned that to WDC I am addicted, hours I often dwell
I have learned not to go for instruments, with my voice I should stay.

I have learned my port is in good shape, flattering me a lot
Serenity is possible for me now, acceptance in my life
There are things in life I don't need, my money always sought
Then those New Years traditions, where I always miss my wife.

I had fun pretending to cheat, still do i plans
I am always on the road, journey without end
Places to which to travel, some don'ts some cans
Who controls my body, me or other men?

This are just some of many things, sure has been fun
The 30 day blogging Challenge, best fun under the sun.

Modified Sonnet: This form of my own design uses basic sonnet form but follows no iambic meter or syllable count, however each line ends with a dependent or independent clause.

14 lines

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