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Luck is where you look...
Welcome once again, denizens of the darkness, to the mausoleum. I hope Friday the 13th brought you a touch of spooky horror and loads of good luck!

Good luck? On Friday the 13th?


A long time ago I decided that Friday the 13th was not going to affect me the way it did everyone else. For one thing, I was never a big believer in superstition. Mostly, though, I just assumed that, because my favorite movies were horror movies, and because I've always gotten a bit of a kick out of the darkness, that Friday the 13th- a spooky holiday, of sorts- would spare me its wrath. We were playing for the same team, after all...

I'm thrilled to say that it's been at least twenty-five years since I came to that conclusion/realization, and I'll tell you...I've always had good luck on Friday the 13th.

And why wouldn't I? You see, I'd programmed myself to look for good luck on Friday the 13th. Of course I didn't realize at the time that that was what I'd done. I just thought I was kind of dark, and romantic and cool.

Turns out I was none of the three.

You see, I had just stumbled, quite by accident, onto one of the key principles by which life and the universe governs itself. You will find what it is that you look for.

Your life experience will be defined by your own perspective. Events are neither good, nor bad- they just are, and we are left the (often overwhelming) duty of assigning meaning and value to them.

In other words, look for luck on Friday the 13th, and I guarantee that you'll find it. Look for it on Monday the 16th and you will find it there also.

As a recovering alcoholic with two years sobriety, I've had some hard experiences battling and coping with addiction and loss...but you know what? I can't remember a year, even among the very worst of them, that I didn't find a bit of luck whenever a Friday the 13th rolled around.

It didn't occur to me until very much later, that I should begin to look for good luck every day.

I do now, and I am exponentially happier (or, if you will, luckier) for it.

Shall we part ways, for now, remembering the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi? "In my experience, there's no such thing as luck."

All the Very Best To You, As Always,
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