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Math is easier with cows
Amy-Beth said, "I was thinking on all the ways that people could have done things not to get poor and Kathleen is thinking on all the ways she wasn't trying hard enough. You can always try harder until you die, but I've learned people's people actually need rest."

Black Spot flung her head up from the struggling patch of ground and looked up at the place where nobody seemed to go. The grass was looking awful good.

Amy-Beth said, "I see what good you are doing here," to Kathleen.

Black Spot looked towards the gate. Kathleen was proud cause Kathleen didn't try to escape anymore. Black Spot looked at the book Kathleen was carrying. Kathleen opened it and looked over her math homework. She read over a math problem. It was out loud. Kathleen looked confused. Amy-Beth was patient and felt.Kathleen would get it done. Kathleen was confused. She couldn't follow what was going on. She asked Black Spot what she should do. Black Spot mooed her encouraging moo when Kathleen sounded productive and Kathleen just couldn't think as clear without her comforting mooing.

"Mooing of the life away from human desire of smartness is relaxing and humans can just think more clearly."

Black Spot looked thoughtfully at the book and then at Amy-Beth and seemed to look understandingly at Kathleen.

Easier to do algebra in that setting
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