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Contest Entry Dialogue 500 1-2017
 Self to Self  (E)
Contest Entry Dialogue 500 1-2017
#2109419 by Chris Breva

"You know. you did great last year! I mean you had a ton of stuff on your plate and you dealt with it. You were dealing with the deaths of the three most important people in your life. On top of that you made some very drastic changes for the betterment of your family and yourself. You left everything you owned because it was junk and it was in an unsafe, unhealthy environment. You moved to a town nearly 100 miles away where you could basically start a new life. You spent four months in a homeless shelter.. Many people who enter that shelter make a lifestyle of it and why not? They have everything given to them and have almost no responsibility. You however only lived there for five months during which time you networked,, met many new people, and made new contacts. You completed a service dog handler's certification course and qualified to become a foster home to a service dog. You learned how to train a dog so that when you get your dog here in a few days you will be able to train it in a task that meets your individual needs.

You have started a new career and as of this year I will continue what you started. I will be training to become a soldier of the Salvation Army and work toward doing ministry in disaster in disaster relief. The degree the us earned many years ago will come into play there and I will be working toward finishing our bachelor of arts degree in liberal studies this year so we can do counseling at disaster scenes as well.

Our writing career is doing great. You won several awards in December and I have already won a few this year. Our trophy room here on Writing Dot Com is looking spectacular with seven ribbons and a second place trophy. I have been given the opportunity to be an intern editor for "Blogging Bliss Newsletter", here on WDC and I have three poetry contests, which are becoming very successful. Between you and I we have had nearly 12 newsletter features in two months.

This year isn't going to be any different. I'm going to continue to work on our love life and train Pandi to do a mitigating task for our disability. I think I will train her to remind us to take our medication each morning and evening. I'll keep it sitting here on the desk where I sit down first thing in the morning. Then I use shaping to teach her to bark when I sit down or to tug at my pants until I take it. I also want to pass both the Canine Public Access Test and the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test this year. Of course none of this would have been possible had you not passed the service dog handler's certification course last year. 2017 Will be great too!"

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