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by Mac1
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Enlightenment of a relationship
I remember Yesterday,
as if it were now today.
Innocence I have lost,
Not knowing what it would cost.

She had said to me she loved me,
now she says we’re not meant to be.
Yesterday I do remember,
Oh , how I loved her.

When we first met on the aisle,
my eyes adored her smile.
My Heart revived with joy,
Oh, I was such a happy boy.

We were so alike,
It was all alright.
Till one day,
she thought I was, headway.

I loved her so,
I gave her a meadow.
But she wanted to be,
stronger than me.

Can’t I love you my dear,
why must you domineer.
God gave me a gift,
I only need your kiss.

She said I am just as you,
not just passing through.
I was created,
not to be abated.

So now we are the same,
neither one to be tamed.
Only here to endure,
as if on a detour.
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