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The Year of Discovery

"Every year, I get that feeling for the next year. And this year is going to be a year of Discovery."

"Whatever that means. I don't need discovery, I'm still angry. You know what I want."

"First off, take that deep breath you know you need. Our mom being here wasn't that much of a deal. It-"

"Oh yeah? And what about that time she hugged us and it stretched on for minutes while in our mind, we were going to bed and snuggling up with Bob. She felt like we had a connection. I had never felt so disconnected."

"Look, I'm not going to mother you. I'm going to do what I can, but not that, and this year, you're going to forget about the clichresolutions. I want you to work on yourself. And I will help."

"And what d'you think you can do? People tell me to let it go but I don't even know what "it" is! Nothing's going to change! Nothing ever does."

"Look at us. You're unhappy and we can change that. We can turn angry into happy. Talking about your problems to everyone is not working. You think one of the them will have the key to unlocking this mystery but whatever "it" is, the answer is not within them. It's within me, and you."


"You want to be unhappy all your life? Is that it? Turn into grandma and poison all around you?"

"No... Of course I don't want that. We know better. I just feel like it's been so many years and nothing much has changed... There's no real progress. Just thinking about it makes me mad!"

"Because we never worked together. And because we never focused on it. Discovery, I tell you! We'll find "it" and send it away."

"I wanna send it back."

"And that's going to achieve...? What? Tell me."

"Mum denies everything, and I know she's not gonna change. So if she can't say sorry, I wish she'd feel sorry."

"Me too... But see there kiddo, that's not going to dissolve that mass in your stomach that's screaming for release every time you are over-stressed. It's still going to be there and one day, it may harm someone I love. It could be you."

"I guess... I-I'd like to be happy. I mean, on a regular basis. I don't need constant happy, just more happy than none. So... You got a good feeling about this year?"

"Best one so far."

"Shucks. Alright, I'll do it. You better show up, I'm not doing this on my own!"

"Every time you need me."



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