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by Jane
Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2109915
Selena meets some unwanted visitors...
Selena clicked on her bed light and stared up at the ceiling of her bedroom. She had eaten dinner and showered and the time felt stuck at 10:00 pm. Her evening book was tossed at the bottom of her bed begging to be read. Selena reached for it but stopped. Her mouth felt dry and rough. Without even shoving on her slipper she slid out of the room and to the kitchen.
Selena's silky red nightgown trailed the ground. It was thick and not all see through. She regretted not putting on her slippers when the cold tile kitchen floor reached her toes. The house was dark and quiet. She tried feeling around for the light switch but couldn't find it.
"Lived here all my life and I still can't find the light switch." Selena murmured to herself. A noise sounded behind her almost as if something was replying to her murmur. Selena spun around and studied the darkness in front of her. The living area was just a few feet in front of her but somehow the darkness seemed unfamiliar. Shaking her head she spun back around and finally found the light switch. Flicking it the kitchen lit up and she was in a pocket of light only contained by the angle the light bulb was hung. The faucet showed her reflection perfectly. But, there was someone else in the faucet reflection. Something else. She averted her gaze from the faucet trying not to attract attention. Her hand grazed over the knife holder. With impeccable speed Selena grabbed the knife and swung around. The knife pointed at nothing. Her hand trembled. Something was there she thought and gripped the knife harder. Selena wasn't the kind to imagine things or be scared of the dark. In her gut she knew it was right on the edge of darkness waiting for her to make the right move. But what was the right move? Selena wasn't weak but she wasn't strong either. The right move could be to stand still and sleep in the kitchen or put the knife back. Her hand lowered. Putting the knife back into the holder she grabbed a glass cup from the cupboard and filled it with water. Turning around she dropped the glass and screamed. She shuffled backwards the bottom of her foot being cut by the broken glass. The creature smiled crookedly then tossed his cloak around and left Selena as his hostage.
Ben didn't have time to think before he was taken away to some place. It was dark but he could still see at least 30 feet in front of him. Something thudded behind him and he whipped around. Selena was standing there her arms crossed. He ran toward it missing the image but inches.
"It's just a hologram. Thank god." Ben whispered to himself. "Thank god she is safe." He added. The room shifted and he appeared in a huge room big enough to fit a thousand men or more. His back was to the two giant thrones crafted of silver behind him.
"I wouldn't say that." A girl hissed grabbing his attention. He whirled around and almost started crying at the sight. Selena was bound by chains to a wooden wall. The chain around her neck grew tighter as each moment was spent.
"You have a choice to save her or your magic." A king said calmly. Ben stared daggers at them both and wished for a way out. He knew this choice would have to have come sooner or later but he was hoping for much much later. Good thing he wasn't the only one with magic who hated the king and queen.

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