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This is a letter to myself explaining what my goals are for 2017! - x.Amaranthene.x
(I'm not going to enter the "Dear Me" contest because I am not a paid member and therefore am not eligible to enter or win the contest, but I am going to write the letter, simply because I want to.)

Dear Me,

         For 2017, I want to DO something! I don't want to just sit in the corner and watch everyone else accomplish things. I want to enter contests and/or write a novel. Actually, scratch that - I want to finish MY novel, not just any novel. It's time for the wolves to wake up, find their Luna, and save the world. Me, I know you're reading this and you're thinking, "but I'll never get it done," but you will. You will get it done. Set some goals for yourself. Sit down, grab a couple sheets of notebook paper, and write your heart out. Don't worry about making mistakes or if something sounds good. Put some music on if you must. Turn off your Wi-Fi if you must. Just write it. Once you finish - at least a chapter - then you can go back and fix your mistakes and add things into the story to make it better, but you need to stop putting it off. "I'll do it later." No you won't! You never do it later like you say you will. Me, this is your life. This story is your life. This is what you want for yourself, and you'll never get it if you don't work towards it. If you care, you will sit down and write it.

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