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by Logan
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The richest veins always run deeper

Echoes of a pipe dream
Resonate below
Places where the heart deems
Too dangerous to go
Still, the mind it wanders
Down caverns dark and deep
Where hopes and dreams were squandered
The soul, it bathes and reaps
The silhouettes and shadows
The ghosts of things long dead
Phantoms that don't even know
Their presence in the thread
Their place within the night weave
Rich veins, untapped, unmined
Seams lined where soul cleaves
and spirits start to find
Rapture in the echoes sent
Returns on what we paid
In darkness, our voice is spent
In light of choices made
Yet somehow still you have a place
Lighting up the room
The reservoir that fills this space
Runs neon in the gloom
Running lustrous through the veins
Through seams, it ebbs and glows
Through sumps it pumps, the light sustains
Through estuaries it flows
Skimming pebbles cross a lake
Placid, thoughtful, still
To see what thoughts the ripples wake,
What memories distil
Filtered, dripped through potholes deep
Where rocks and pebbles fell
Some skimmed fruitful, long in sweep
… other's not so well
Each one weighed with purpose
Each one with it's place
You can never have a surplus
In such a lonely space
and should such echoes find you
Such voices find their way
To the grottos that we climb through
Each and every day
Be thankful for the voices
That want to delve that deep
Be cautious with your choices
The ripples that you reap
Some Echoes born of pipe dreams
May grind within life's teeth
… always mine the bright seams,
that resonate beneath
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