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by Jace
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A 2017 "Dear Me" Contest entry. Am I a zombie or a pirate?
Dear Me,

You do this every year, Jace. January 2017 … and this is your ninth “Dear Me” letter. Each year you bang out lofty goals about what you’ll do for and get from Writing.Com. Just what have you accomplished over these past nine years?

Actually, quite a lot, if the truth be told. Arguably, my writing has improved markedly since I joined WDC in 2008. I’ve become a respected and contributing member, and I’ve worked my way up to the highest member level there is.

Indeed, but now it’s time to ask yourself—would you rather weave your way through the 2017 hallways of WDC as a Zombie … or a Pirate?

Frankly, you’ve been a zombie for the past year. Moving with no purpose, no motivation, no intentionality! You’ve gone through the motions and haven’t even done THAT well. You’re a person with little energy, someone who seems to act without thinking, or doesn’t notice what’s going on around you. At least, here.

But I haven’t been that person in everyday life, have I? I’ve made the conscious decision to grow my business and livelihood.

But at what cost? Admit it, Jace! You miss the interaction with other members, and the creativity of writing. You don't take time just for yourself anymore. Balls to the wall every day is not feeding you like you desire.

You have reasons. You have excuses. You have priorities.

Reasons and excuses can all be explained away. But priorities … these are choices you’ve made. Only you can set your priorities, Jace. That’s on you. You saw a cartoon recently that sums up your need to change.

The First Mate looks at the Captain and says, “The cannons be ready.”

“ARE!” the Captain replies.

Aye! There IS the rub. I miss the comradery and the sheer pleasure of writing. I’m letting that part of me slip away. I need to be a Pirate.

That’s it! You need to be large and in charge, to maximize your potential and opportunities, to make those doubts walk the plank ….

Enough clichés! I get it.

I've always know have a deep abiding desire to write. My thoughts, experiences and wants need to be expressed. I’m not getting younger, and the time to embrace that endeavor is now, this year. I’m the only one who can express the musings in my mind. I’m responsible for my own legacy. I have something to say.

Now you have it.

I will be more involved in the manner my current station on WDC requires. It’s time I started acting like the writer I am, and in turn become more worthy of my current position of Senior Moderator.

I'll be a reader, writer and reviewer again. I used to enter member contests regularly--beginning in February, I'll enter at least one contest each month. Years ago I was always one of the Most Credited Reviewers--I'll be that again within three months. And I'll prowl the Help and "Noticing Newbies forums daily to help as I'm able.

Finally, I've been one of the leaders of "The Talent Pond in name only over the past couple years. It's time I hoist the flag and set sail on those waters again.

You’ve got this now, Jace. Don't forget to record this journey in the ship's bLog. Now go and review another Newbie.

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