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A short sermon for my blog
 Why I Believe  (13+)
A short sermon for my blog
#2110530 by Chris Breva

One thing I keep encountering as a Christian is atheism and it's false doctrines. I have been told that my faith is simply based on a book derived from the beliefs of millions of years of religious fervor. I have been told that I believe that book without examining my beliefs. People nothing could be farther from the truth. The fact of the matter is that I was at one time a confirmed atheist myself. I was attending a Bible college because it was the only college in my area that offered a major that would allow me to turn my associate degree into a bachelors degree. While there though I became sick and tired of hearing what I believed was fantasy about Jesus Christ.

So I set out to prove without a doubt that God did not exist. I was going to show those religious fools! So I decided to use science to prove that the Bible was absolutely false. I began with genesis because it's the first book of the Bible and holds the creation account. I did the math and if Genesis was correct the earth would be about 10,000 years old. I thought certain I had them because carbon dating mathematically proved that many layers of the earth and even the dirt itself was much older than that, maybe as much as a thousand times older. Yes! I had those religious clowns now! Then I made a discovery. Carbon dating is not reliable! It simply is not a good measure of age. Like anything else in science it isn't based on fact but rather theory. Sure it uses mathematics but there are many factors that make it unreliable. So it was possible that the planet is only 10 - 15,000 years old.

Next I considered using Neanderthal Man as my proof that cave men existed. Again there's a problem though because only one Neanderthal Man has ever been found. Why? Because it's a hoax and atheists buy into it. The skulls of many of these walking primates as they are often referred to are usually the skulls of a known ape. In many cases so many of the bones are missing that they cannot conclusively proof that the pieces they have will even join together. So that was out and creation was starting to take on some possibility.

Next I considered the big bang theory. Now there was a no brain proof right? Wrong! First of all in order for a big bang to even take place something would have had to have set it off. Secondly the big bang theory would have us believe that the universe is expanding. People astronauts and cosmonauts have been going to space for decades. They've proven that there is absolutely nothing in space. There's no air, nothing but one big emptiness. That's why it's called "space". If the universe is "space" then what do these so called "enlightened" thinkers believe it is expanding into? Itself? Why that thought is absolutely ludicrous!

I moved on in my research. I studied the books of Law and the sacrificial systems thoroughly. In the books of Exodus through Deuteronomy Moses gives the Jewish people a set of health codes and even eating codes that scientists are only now proving to be absolutely accurate. Up until just a few years ago most of us considered lard made from rendered hog meat to be the healthiest thing since sliced bread. However Moses told the Jews over 4,000 years ago that they were not to eat it and that if they obeyed they would live longer. Today we know it clogs arteries and results in heart problems and even death. Moses wasn't a doctor and even if he was cholesterol was totally unheard of back then.

Oceanographer and naval officer Matthew Maury (1806-1883) was very fond of reading God's word. While reading it he read in Psalms 8:8 that there were what the KJV of the Bible translated as pathways in the sea. Maury used that information to find that the oceans do indeed have currents and winds that speed up ocean travel. The idea if ocean currents was penned by King David long before even the Vikings began sailing the oceans. Now you can tell yourself it was just a lucky guess if you wish but when the Bible makes a claim that is so technologically advanced that it is proven over 5,000 years later I tend to take notice!

Archaeology is another area I examined in depth. I wanted to prove that the historical accounts of the Bible were inaccurate. Instead I proved just the opposite. New discoveries are being made even today that prove that cities, kings, etc mentioned throughout the Bible are accurate.

I studied the secular history of the period thinking that perhaps it would prove my point. Wrong!

Finally I studied the prophecies of the Bible and found that every prophecy concerning the birth, life, death, and resurrection of the promised one were fulfilled perfectly in one man: Jesus. These prophecies were all made hundreds of years before he lived and even Roman records prove that thet were fulfilled in Him. Those prophecies not only included what He would do but the place of His birth, the date of His death, and more.

So if somebody wants to tell me that I accepted what the word of God says on blind faith, which several people have done I can tell them emphatically that no, I have not!
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