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A young girl appears in the middle of nowhere. Haunted by her nightmares.
Tick. Chills ran through her body as she slowly woke. She opened her eyes looking to the side with her vision being blurry. Where am I? She thought to herself. Who am I? She thought solemnly for a moment as she tried to regather her thoughts but they were distant. Your name is Jade sweetie. Don't you remember? A faint but soft voice whispered. Jade shot up in shock with her mind stirring in confusion. Faint memories came near but then left again. Her name was Jade. She finally got a good look at her surroundings. She was in a forest like area but... There were dead bodies everywhere. Their faces looked mangled as blood covered the place. Wh-o did this!? She wanted to scream but she couldn't.
Tick. Jade woke once more becoming numb all over. Her mind went blank as a faint tune played through her mind almost hypnotizing her. THUMP. Her mind filled back to normal. She resisted the tune. Sweetie, why resist such a lovely tune? Doesn't it just calm you? The voice said again.
"NO, get out of my mind," Jade screamed as she tried to move. It felt as she was being held down. She fought until she was freed. No.
Tock. Her body slowly filled with energy as she stood weakly. Jade stumbled around as she tried to view her surroundings. This time she was on the side of a mountain. A cold wind blew across the land whispering the sound of death. A crowing sound hovered softly around the tall trees. Jade looked up the mountain seeing a stone sculpture of a raven. A blue orb was in the middle of the base of the sculpture. The gem seemed alluring, almost manipulative. Jade felt tired and weary and had a pain in her leg. She was wearing dark cargo pants that had a stain of blood on them. She pulled up the pants and saw a knife wound in it. Jade felt as she didn't care anymore with the combination of things happening. All she wanted was the stone.
She stumbled as continued up. What do you think you're doing? Why can't you listen like a good person? Jade murmured no as the voice tried to stop her. Jade continued up the mountain till she fell. She crawled up desperately as she yearned for the stone. She made it to the pedestal eventually. A Raven flew over shrieking, dropping a tear of blood from its eye.
DIE. Jade woke tied to a bed. The room was pitch black as she tried to look. A bright lamp hung over her body. She looked around and saw how the walls were padded and stained with blood. Along the wall were shelves that held mason jars filled with different things. As her eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness she was able to see more. In the jars were teeth, blood, small bones, and other parts of the body. A rustling sound came from the other side of the room.
"It's truly a shame sweetie," The same voice as in her head said. The person walked over holding a knife, revealing what they looked like.
It didn't look like a person at all, though. It looked like a skeleton with bones jutting out and a palish green skin. The eyes were large and multicolored and as it spoke its mouth was messy. Its entire body looked like it was mangled.
The creature came up with a devilish grin on its face if you could call it that. The creature cut off Jade's arm. Jade screamed in pain as the creature tortured her. The creature took the knife once again and traced a symbol onto Jade's chest. Jade winced in pain.
"THIS IS YOUR PUNISHMENT. FOR COMMITTING SINS AGAINST ME," The creature screamed maliciously. The creature took the knife and was aiming it at her heart. As the creature brought the knife down a raven flew out screeching. The raven's eyes bled as it did so. The raven flew towards the creature continuing to screech. A sudden bright light flashed.
Jade woke up as if it were a dream. But it wasn't.
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