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A story about and dedicated to my savior.
Growing up I was always bullied. For how I looked mostly. My glasses, my clothes, they even bullied me for how I wrote and held a pencil. They made fun of me for anything and everything.
It all started in elementary school. Yes, that young.
I was the typical nerd. Carrying books with me everywhere, being the teacher's pet, glasses. No friends, a strange obsession with how things worked, and i asked way too many questions.
Easy target.
I wanted it to stop. So, like i was taught, i told an adult. The principle to be exact. A pleasant woman i must say but she did not help. At all. In fact, it only got worse. All she told us to do was shake hands and agree to get along. She might as well given the girls a free pass to bully me more. Nonetheless i took what i got. But i still didn't know what to do.
The principle is the most important person in the school! If she can’t help, no one can! My little second grade mind thought. But she was wrong. Very wrong.
Not too long after i was getting picked on- what a surprise -and someone stopped them. They made those kids apologize and leave. For now and hopefully for good.
I am on the ground. I watched them walk away and without hesitation, looked up. I was astonished at who I saw. Now terrified of my savior, I grabbed my book. I kept eye contact. Still didn't believe who it was.
My Savior was The Janitor?

The Janitor was the most feared person in the school. Everyone was always scared of him. Terrible rumors were always made up about him. He had huge one inch gauges, a lip ring, and his tattoos were like intricate blankets on his arms. He looked angry and grumpy all the time. He was tall and skinny but still had muscles. He was almost pale with a brown buzz cut. It looked like someone painted his head more than hair. Never smiled. Never spoke a word. Leaving him with no friends and mob.
Yet, this intimidating man, who was standing over me, saved me. He knelt down and looked into my soul with his ice cold blue eyes. He smiled, picked up my book and helped me up.
I tried thanking him. But he simply gave me my book, smiled, and said, “Just promise me that you will never judge a person before meeting them.”
I felt horrible. I have been judging him as a horrible and rude person because I thought that is what he looked like. I nodded and hugged him really tightly. He had the sweetest smile and I was the only one who has been lucky enough to see it.
Ever since that day we had lunch together, he and I shared jokes, secrets. He introduced me to the music I listen to today. He recommended so many books. I collected the Junie B. Jones Books because of him. He showed me how to make a simple bracelet and I still have it. He was bullied when he was younger too. He showed me anime. He was my first friend. My best friend.
And I will never forget My misunderstood, tattooed, amazing Savior.
Oh wait this moment also taught me something. It made me believe something I still believe in today. The reason I love meeting new people and making friends.

I believe in not judging a book by it’s cover.

It sounds cliché I know but it is true. It gave me a whole new perspective on the way I see people. How I act when meeting someone for the first time. The most feared person turned out to be the most respectable. Do not judge someone for what they wear, or what they look like. If you do, you will lose out on a possibly great friend.
And to my savior, thank you. You have impacted my life in so many ways. I will never forget what you taught me.
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