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Flash Fiction entry with the prompt : bell, vase and light.
It was Tuesday, 7:59am, there was a ghostly silence to the room as Sally started to waken. The sunrise reminding her of singledom with a ray of light poking through the vertical blinds, like a laser on to the empty pillow beside her. She chuckled at first, like it was a friendly in-joke, but the universe wasn’t laughing back.

Sally sat bolt upright as she heard banging on her apartment door like a robotic heavy fist, one more knock would surely break the door down. Sally certainly wasn’t expecting anyone at this hour and figured it must be urgent if they hadn’t used the bell.

“I’ll be right there!” Sally managed, as she clambered to cover up her hello kitty pyjamas with her bright pink hello kitty housecoat. The urgency helped uncover a loathing for her own choice of sleepwear. What if it’s a handsome fireman she thought, and here she is wearing adult sized, kids cartoon themed pyjamas at thirty two years old.

As Sally fumbled with the door locks and trying to tie her housecoat, like a dangerous kind of juggling act by someone with no hand-eye coordination, she accidentally bumped her empty vase. As she opened the door to a tall, ruggedly handsome man thinking "Holy Sh*t!", her thoughts verbalised loudly as the vase smashed on the wooden floor beside her.

As Sally's eyes tracked downwards to just above waist height, there, her neighbour Mrs Park stood. She had been the knocker.
"This gentleman has hit your car thanks to your rubbish parking!", said the old biddy.
"Really Mrs Park, I'm finishing off installing solar panels the next street behind and forgot what street I was supposed to be on" said the handsome stranger.
Her mind went silent, then she thought, "Is this my ray of light!?".
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