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This study will explain why I believe science itself has proven evolution false.
 Why I Believe - The Theory of Evolution  (E)
This study will explain why I believe science itself has proven evolution false.
#2111355 by Chris Breva

Before I go into why I believe that science has consistently proven evolution false, I want to address evolution for exactly what it is: a theory. Newtons three laws of physics are quantifiable, provable facts. They are not assumptions and every experiment that is done regarding them consistently proves them to be true. Newton proved them in his lifetime and the science of even his time could not deny the fact that they were absolutely true. They were true then and they remain true today. They were derived from and based on observable facts.

Theories on the other hand are not laws. They are merely guesses based on conjecture. I have a theory that I'm going to be a famous writer some day. Does that mean I'm a famous writer? No, it does not! It means I think I may become one. The same hold true for the theory of evolution. Scientists talk about evolution as if it were a scientific fact, when it is not. It is merely a scientific theory to explain what scientist feel they cannot explain otherwise. It was a theory 150 plus years ago when Charles Darwin presented it and it remains a theory today. Theories are not scientific laws. I can present a theory that 2+2=5 but that doesn't make my theory true. It is merely my theory.

Now let us examine evolution a little more deeply. I would begin by asking if Sir Isaac Newton took 150 years to prove his scientific laws to be true? No, he did not! In fact he lived a grand total of 84 years. Given the fact he would have spent at least 15 of those years simply growing into adulthood, we can assume he theorized and proved his laws to be true within the span of probably fifty years. Yet Darwin presented the theory of evolution 150 years ago and science, which has much better technology than Newton had available, still has not proven evolution to be true. Science can indeed show how a species changes over a period of time to adapt to it's environment, but there is no supporting evidence that any species ever became a different species. Wolves of 5,000 years or even 10,000 years ago may have been the forerunner for the modern dog but there is no supporting evidence that a wolf ever stood on its hind legs and began walking upright as a chimpanzee. In fact there is no supporting evidence that any creature ever did anything more than changed in whatever ways were necessary to survive in the environment in which it existed. If evolution was true there would be some fossil evidence of it and there is none. Personally I'd be insulted if there was because I have more respect for myself than to believe any of my ancestors ever swung by their tails from trees. I don't care how far removed they were!

So what about these so-called prehistoric men? One such was the Piltdown Man. This so-called missing link was found to be a hoax when it was confirmed that the scientists involved in its "discovery" had intentionally combined the skull of an orangutan with a small brained human.

Nebraska Man was another scientific fraud in which a pig's tooth was passed off as a human tooth. Evolutionists drew pictures of what they believed this creature looked like and they are often used in textbooks today despite the fact that they have been proven to be a hoax. Come on people!

Java Man came about because a partial skull bone belonging to an ape was discovered. Sometime later a clearly human thigh bone was found forty feet way. The scientist doing the digging was so desperate to prove evolution that he made the assumption the two belonged together. Somebody please tell me that if I were ever buried and a horse was buried 20 feet away, some scientist in 3000 years isn't going to excavate me and the horse and claim he has proof centaurs really existed!

Neanderthal Man was another huge hoax. For one thing the scientist who "discovered" Neanderthal man was forced to resign in disgrace after it was discovered that he had plagiarized the work of his colleague. Thus anything that had ever come about as a result of his career became questionable. Secondly a German scientist confirmed that the skeletal remains the scientist had initially claimed were the "missing link" may have looked like the missing link due to deformities brought on by rickets and osteoporosis but was indeed totally human. However like the others, neanderthal Man is still taught as scientific fact in schools. The only thing factual is that it is a hoax.

There have been other 'discoveries' made claiming to be supportive of evolution but when the facts come out they are either frauds or present insufficient evidence to prove what they truly are.

Evolution as a theory is just that: a theory.

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