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by Harry
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A rhyming poem commenting upon Trump's America.
America is dealing with Trump and his minions;
this has split us into strongly opposing opinions.
Trump attacked America’s freedom of the press;
this has caused quite a lot of concern and stress.

The Donald distrusts our agencies of intelligence.
His dealing with world affairs lacks due diligence.
His contempt for true facts he likes to emphasize,
while promoting “alternative facts,” which are lies.

Trump wants government to be run for big business.
Harm to the EPA and our environment we’ll witness.
Goodbye higher minimum wages for the working man.
Bye-bye to rights for voters, women, gays is the plan.

Vouchers are intended for education and healthcare,
whose quality will fall, catching the public unaware.
The Donald reveals his thinking at 4 A.M. on Twitter,
giving evidence that he’s no intellectual heavy hitter.

Trump surrounded himself with unqualified folk,
cabinet officers to leave agencies gutted and broke.
War is declared against immigrants who are non-white.
Build that wall. Ban Muslims. To hell with what’s right.

Trump wants to rule with a dictator’s unchecked powers.
He needs a war as an excuse while legal rights he devours.
The Judicial Branch is America’s one hope; Congress is sold.
Its Republican members all seem to lack an honorable soul.

Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” now can expand
into: “Make America Great Again for the Wealthy White Man.”
This poem is my personal viewpoint, which I am free to write;
since, for now, free speech is still all Americans’ protected right.

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