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by Harry
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A humorous rhyming poem re the unusually hot winter weather here in Shreveport, LA in 2017
The past month was unseasonably hot.
Typical of past winters it was not.
Early January saw a cold snap,
then days breaking the normal high-temp cap.

Our normal highs run near sixty degrees.
Many days reached 70-plus with ease.
Our high hit eighty on three occasions.
It’s been hot beyond all expectations.

We’ve got robins across the lawn hopping
and weeds out of the ground daily popping.
The brown grass has already turned bright green.
Budding azaleas paint a springtime scene.

Our satsuma tree has newly grown leaves.
Daily spring-like sunshine our lawn receives.
It’s early, but soon my wife needs to mow.
This confirms global warming, don’t you know.

(Poetic format: rhyming quatrain stanzas, aa - bb endrhymes, 10 syllables per line)

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