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Dear Sweetheart,

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. It is one of the harder days that I must endure. Your birthday, our anniversary, your favorite holiday, Christmas, and, well, you know, that day. Every day is tough but those few really tear at my tender soul. Valentine’s is especially hard because it is all about the affection, desire and adoration we feel for one another. But I can’t show you any of those feelings or enjoy the romance. I can’t shed tears of happiness over a beautiful spread of roses. I can’t complain about gaining weight from that gigantic box of chocolate. There will be no white teddy bear clutching a heart waiting for me after work. We will not enjoy a little wine buzz during an exquisite candlelit dinner at our favorite restaurant. The bed sheets will remain tidy.

I find that if I write to you on these sad days, I feel like we have had a short interaction. Like I got to sit at the kitchen table and put my hand on top of your free hand, while you scribbled away at the crossword in the morning paper as I drank my coffee. Or perhaps I got to listen to you recount one of those bizarre dreams you couldn’t wait to tell me about.

I miss finding your dirty clothes tossed on the floor. I would like to hear you snore. I wish we could once again argue about how much to spend on Christmas gifts or where we should go on our next vacation. I long to hear the sweet nothings you'd whisper in my ear, sending chills down my body with your breath. I crave your hands lightly brushing my skin and your arms holding me close at night.

The broken bones and bruises have healed but you refuse to wake up. They tell me to be patient, as there is no playbook for when you might awaken. I can’t help but feel as though I lost you that day, five long years ago, when our car accident sent you to this place far, far away from me.

My vow was for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, and I intend on standing by that promise. I will forever cherish you and you own my heart.

Please find your way back to me.

Wake up, my sweet, look into my eyes and say my name.

Your faithful husband,

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