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by Harry
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A rhyming poem about weeds in the grass lawn.
Warm weather brings an early crop of weeds
popping up in lawns all across this land.
Why the grass has many pampering needs
while weeds are hardy I don’t understand.

The battle for that perfect grass lawn starts
with weeds the first from winter to emerge.
Getting rid of them takes cunning and smarts.
Yanking them out by hand is one’s first urge.

Weed-killing chemicals are sprayed or spread
by applying a dose of “weed and feed”
with hopes of rendering all the weeds dead.
Homeowners soon find this plan didn’t succeed.

Weeds persistently plague ‘most all lawns
throughout summer by keeping coming back.
Over green grass yards one constantly fawns,
whereas weeds will grow in a driveway crack.

Lawn-warriors know all weeds as evil
plants, a scourge battled since times medieval.
If only Nature had made grass outgrow
weeds, what happiness gardeners would know.

(Poetic format: end-rhymed four-lined stanzas, 10 syllables per line, rhyming abab for first four stanzas, aabb for final stanza)

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