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Exploring a new world of belief.
I have always had an interest in Science Fiction. UFOs however, were another matter. More recently, I've crossed the line from a skeptic to believer.

It is hard for me to pretend any longer in the Government's, perhaps well intentioned, policy of disavowing extra-terresterials.

With the advent of the Internet it has become all but impossible for "Big Brother" to keep secrets. It might take awhile but eventually the truth begins to slowly trickle out. Advocates of UFOs are scoffed at, derided with satire, and subjected to ridicule. A good example is Dr. Brandenburg who has been branded a "Good Scientist who became unhinged." "Who would want to take seriously someone like that?" we ask ourselves.

Still, where there's smoke there's fire. If a whiff can be ignored a pall cannot. When shoots of flame can be seen beneath then it is time to take some notice. What we see today is on the scale of a bonfire that nobody in science or government seems to want to acknowledge.

In Steven Spielberg's classic, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, we see at the close of the movie, twelve (12) Earth beings, dressed in red jumpsuits boarding the alien mother-ship to accompany the ET's back to their home planet.

Recently leaked information shows that such an event actually took place. Len Kasten, in his book Secret Journey to Planet Serpo, a True Story of Interplanetary Travel. Don't take my word for it... read the book and if that doesn't convince you about extraterrestrials, then nothing I can do or say will change your minds.
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