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...caught, by the 1 who has the upper hand over all. Read on if you dare.
Over time Mother Mary has been mocked,
Harassed and tortured,
By a narcissistic demon,
He or she had forsaken her,
Failing her relationships with every potential man,
To be her future husband,
Mind manipulated each and every one of them,
Year after year,
Made boys in school do nothing more,
Than torment and harass her,
Leaving her without many to date,
Breaking her heart over and over again,
Many calling her ugly and stupid,
What kind of species does this to her?
You say you love her,
Yet you done this to your future queen?
The one that would give you the son,
To forsake the devil and his minions back,
So you can finally have peace again?
You are all lied to,
She's not the one that forsakes you,
The devil and his minions are,
As are those of you who hated her,
Abused, mocked, tormented insulted her on purpose,
Made a sick, demented and cruel game out of it,
Laughing at her with those of you involved in on it too,
Saying she's too slow or stupid,
"I'm only going to forsake you."
You're forsaking, her,
Those of you, involved,
Shame on all of you who continue to do this to her,
I am the son,
I've been there now and I've seen what you've been doing to her,
You're the ones, who have been forsaken,
You, forsake and have forsaken yourselves,
By your own, wrong doings.
I see you through her eyes,
And how you continue to mistreat her,
I see you greatly fear me,
You lower your eyes and head,
You see, I am furious with you!!!
I AM involved.
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