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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest · #2113407
After exchanging angry words, a son discovers he still needs his mother. Flash Fiction ...
         The farm house kitchen seemed so shabby and small. Paint peeled from the walls, and the linoleum floor curled, brittle and scuffed. Water dripped steadily from the chipped sink's faucet. It all taunted Jimmy as he screamed at his mother. "I hate you! Why do we have to live here? It's all your fault, you made Dad leave. I want to go home." His mother reached to stroke his arm, but Jimmy pushed her away. He stood glaring, barely suppressing tears, and trembling.
         Sighing, she hugged herself, and repeated what she'd already tried to explain. "I'm sorry you don't like it here, but this is our home now. Your father has a new wife. Please give this place a chance. You just might surprise yourself." No longer able to contain his emotions, Jimmy stomped his feet, slammed the door, and ran for the stairs. "You never listen to me!"
          Blinded by his rage and the fury of hot flooding tears, Jimmy stumbled on the smooth wood of the worn steps. Before he could put his hands out to stop his descent, his teeth struck the bannister. Now he cried from sharp physical pain, and the sight of his own gushing blood. "Mom," he shrieked.
         In that instant, all was forgiven. A son still needed his mother. As she rushed to his aid to offer comfort, the hurt and anger melted away. He permitted her to hug him, and whisper sweet words of endearment. For now, one loving parent was enough. 250 words
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