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by Marvin
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One man against the federal state
West oak New York a small suburb that very few people ever visted, but unlike the rest of New york this area has a Train track that no train has ever been along since it was built in the 1950,s but all that changed when Bill Williams, bill had work for Amtraks for 30 years but took early retirment he now work in a hard wear store
he moved in to a semi Detached house where the line ran though the bottom of his garden just 35 ft from his back door after 2 weeks unpacked and working as well, he decided to go and investegate this line that ran though his property well it didn't take long for bill to rerliase that this was no reguar train track he walked back to his garden so the next day he went to the main Libaray and found a local history book. all Bill could find was this short pieace in the back.

single line Track built on the west side of this Suburb for reason unknown, the track runs for 10 miles in each direction"
Bill sat and looked out the window why the hell would a train track be built that goes nowhere.

His trail of thought was interupted a female voice
" leave that well alone Mr said the lady the last person who tried to investegate that was arrested by the FBI and never seen again" but it runs through my garden she looked at him O crap you live in that house do you? "Yes take the book home and read it never read book about the Line
out in the open" that what it call around here, the line so
He the took the book home the next page gave the Engneers name whom it seem had died just a week after it finish, and was buried at the local cematary after about a week bill decided to try and find out just were the track went so early one morning he packed a rucksack and headed westward along the track he knew from his time with Amtrax that all line no matter how remove have a starting point and junction details after just 2 hours walk he came to a dead end, he sat on the bank and drank coffee and looked around no map referance info at all his GPS told him that he was 5 miles from home. No train had ever run along this track but why would a rail company build 10 miles of track and not finish it? after 40 minutes bill started to head back it had raised more Question than ansawers, he arrived home 2 hours later and decided look at the book he had got from the libaray. He was astonished to find that it had been built during the Kenny era in the 1960's and was meant to be part of a home land defence system call Down Bug a US denfence system to defend New york and Washington from Russion Bombers but after Kenndy was assinated in 1963 it had been scrapet by Lydon Jonhson which was never made public
later that afternoon a black SUV drew up and 3 men got out he had a good guess who they were and met them at the door they identified them selves as FBI bill was releved they told him the following

"Leave this alone bill we wont do anything this time as you have no idea what a can of worms you will open emplacating some very senoir people from the past"

Bill had already decided to explore the Eastern section on the track so early the nexy moring bill set ou tand headed west not expecting to find anything bill walked for ages with out finding anything till he reached near the end were he found that the track had been used yet there was no evedince of where the train had gone the vegitation was unmoved he knew there was no sideing and the main line was 10 miles west he sat down on a log suddley a noise behind him and everything went dark.
When Bill came round he was on a bed handcuffed to the sides and his legs tied up as well .
He could hear talking outside he tried to work out where he was there were no windows just a dim bulb that was on after what seem ages a tall man entered "hello Mr williams"
" where am i said bill?"
"can't tell you that said the man"
"well who are you then?"
"security wing of the NTSB"
you were found buy our gauards sitting at the western edge of our Property"
and with that the man left slamming the door behind him.
after what seem ages a short man in a suit came
"Mr williams i am so sorry it seem that you use to work for Amtraks as a Engineer"

He undid the handcuffs and the ropes come with me he followed the man to a office the man sat down at the desk he gave bill some coffee and sandwhichs
"how long an i going to be here? as bill not long but if you tell us what we want to know 3 hours"
"Well what do you want to know said Bill pulling up a chair"
"What your intrest in the track?"
It runs through my back Garden and as you know i use to work for amtraks as in Engineer and the book i have came from the Library the man tap on his lap top
and said the man
it 10 mile long 5 miles in each direction the centre point is in the middle of my back garden you can see the Join you sure?
"you could'nt lay 10 mile of track in 1 go it has to be in 60 or 30 section and put in place by crain"
the man closed his lap top and went out into the corridor
said the man your free to go follow the man to the front door then man open the before bill could even say thank you the door slam shut
He had no idea where he was till he got to central park north and 7th it took just 45 minutes to get home that when bill discovered that he had been gone for three days that not possable he thought to him self he only remember 1 day he walk round his house the only thing missing was the Libaray book later that Bill got on the internet and started searching for infomation about the line as he called it all he found was a refrance to to line 1 in West Oak but the page had been removed in 2007
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