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Conversation between inscribed Valentine heart candy and moi...
( Composed with actual heart candy inscriptions represented in bold...)          
         "Huh, who's there? Oh,love me, am I losing my mind?"
         "Hardly,sweetheart. Hey, could you dry your eyes? You're drippin' on us, and that makes us stick together. It's bad enough we have to share a bag."
         "This is hopeless. Talking candy? Save me."
         "Cute, you always this glum?"
         "I'm sitting on the front seat of my car seeing only you to sob with on Valentine's Day. Glum? If you ask me , I'd say I was delusional."
         "From your hot lips to God's ears. I'm guessin' you thought you had one love, a true love , and he turned out to be nothin' more'n a heartbreaker . Huh?"
         "Oh ya, he was EZ2Luv . He knew just what to say as I stared into his star eyes of blue. Be mine baby doll . Ack, to think I spoke such sickening drivel, too. I want to gag. What was I, crazy? Love bug ?"
         "So, he could sweet talk real good. Spill the sugar, what soured your sure love ?"
         "He sent me an e-mail ; let's talk babe, I'm crazy 4 U . My heart skipped a beat. Then he mentioned kiss kiss and hug . I must admit I liked where this was going. U+ me babe . Forever love . Just call me , Sharon. Aaarrggh!"
         "Ah, I take it you're not Sharon. What's your next move?"
         "I'm going to dry my tears, and crush a few hearts."
         "Wait, no, you're not going to eat us?"
         "Pfft, of course not. I'm angry, not suicidal. Your sugar would just go straight to my hips, and I'm back on the singles' market again. No, I intend to drive around and throw you at couples. I want them to see and feel their words of love. Um, is one of you bite me , or suck this ?"           304 words
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