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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest · #2113725
Flash fiction describing a fly on the wall's observations.
         Frankie flitted and floated on the breeze. Mom had warned him to stay out of the house, but he was following the sound of voices. In to the bedroom he swooped, and stopped. Here was the action. He was a fly on the wall, and as long as he didn't fidget, he could observe unnoticed the big, loud people from his vantage point.
         The Mom and daughter were discussing a dress. With her hands on her hips and a frown on her face, Mom seemed critical. Thrusting out her lower lip, and raising her voice, the girl fluffed the flounces and frills. "Mom, please. This is the new in colour. Everybody is wearing it. It's mint green." Mom shrugged, " I dunno. It appears more of a lime to me."
         As a fly, Frankie knew his sherbet, and it didn't look like mint to him.He buzzed closer for a better peek. Poor timing on his part 'cause the gown was in the daughter's hand when she noticed the bug. With a shriek, she swung at the pest. Before he could react, the dress and Frankie were plummeting out the open window. As he struggled out from the billowing folds, shaking his head, Frankie thought, "Huh, it is mint green."          208 words
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